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The Lowell Youth Sports Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit, formed to assume ownership, development, and management of the 20-acre parcel of property originally donated by The Wege Foundation to the Lowell Little League. 

Our current goal is to create more opportunities for local kids and those in neighboring communities to get involved in a team sport, primarily softball and baseball. Involvement with athletics has been shown to have numerous benefits for children and youth, including instilling healthy physical activity habits, teaching teamwork and sportsmanship, and boosting academic achievement. Once the Lowell Youth Sports Complex is operational, it is our hope to reduce or eliminate Little League participation fees after the three-year project ramp up.

The ultimate mission of the Foundation is to cultivate meaningful experiences through quality youth sports programing focused on a pursuit of excellence, demonstrated respect, personal responsibility, and fun. Once the Lowell Youth Sports Complex is operational, we will look to expand our vision to include other youth sports and youth scholarships.

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