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Endorsing Council

Mike Burns, Lowell City Manager
Matt Dood, Lowell Area Schools Softball
Patrick Doyle, King Milling
Leah Groves, Lowell City Council Member
Jerry Hale, Lowell Township Supervisor

Andy Johnston, Grand Rapids Chamber
Juston Miller, Lowell Area Schools Varsity Baseball
Marta Rozema, Litehouse Family YMCA
Rick Seese, Greenridge Realty
Dan VanderMeulen, Lowell Area Schools

Campaign Consultant

Kennari Consulting

Campaign Cabinet

Buddy Bennett, Co-Chair

Ross Hinkle, Co-Chair

Ken Berg

Shannon Kennedy

Cass Kilyanek

Jim McDonald

Mitch Miller

Mike Minier

Sam Tawney

Mark Anderson

Board of Directors

Mike Minier, President

Buddy Bennett, Vice President

Ross Hinkle, Treasurer

Mike Flickinger

Shannon Kennedy

Tim VanLaan

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