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As more families make Lowell their home, there is a greater number of youth looking to engage in athletics. The need for additional baseball/softball fields has become apparent.

For our community

Participation in Lowell’s local baseball/softball leagues has simply outgrown the area’s current capacity, with over 100 new players joining between 2021 and 2022 and registrations continuing to increase through the 2023 season. In order to allow for the growing interest and engagement in these recreational opportunities, we must build a bigger space.

With increased revenue generated by hosting tournaments, LYSF plans to reduce or eliminate league participation fees. An estimated 26% of students in Lowell Area Schools are economically disadvantaged. Further, Lowell has a relatively high ALICE population (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed – representing a population that struggles to meet basic needs even while employed). In 2019, 41% of the Lowell City population was below the ALICE threshold, as well as 25% of the Lowell Charter Township population.

The Lowell Youth Sports Complex brings with it the potential to benefit the entire community, fulfilling an immediate need for youth recreation, while in the long-term creating greater opportunity and access for families, businesses, and neighboring communities as well.

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