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Q: What is the timeline for "A Place to Play" campaign?
A: The Lowell Youth Sports Foundation has formed a campaign cabinet and is seeking gifts for the A Play to Play campaign. LYSF continues to work closely with local Little Leagues to best determine need, costs, and long-term sustainability of the project. Our goal is to break ground for this project in Fall 2024 with a projected opening date of Summer 2026.

Q: Does this project support the community in the long-term?
A: Yes! Families from West Michigan and beyond will be utilizing these fields for tournaments, league play, and practices. Local restaurants, shops, and other businesses will benefit from the increased traffic in Lowell. Further, with the opportunity to host more tournaments, the increased team registration fees will allow LYSF to drastically lower or eliminate registrations fees for Little League within three years of opening the complex.

Q: What is the relationship between Lowell Youth Sports Foundation and Lowell Little League?

A: The 20-acre parcel of land to be used for the Lowell Sports Complex was originally given to Lowell Little League by The Wege Foundation for the development of baseball and softball fields. To ensure ownership of the property could not be assumed by the National Little League Association, the property was deeded to the newly formed Lowell Youth Sports Foundation to be developed and managed for the Greater Lowell area.

Q: What is the relationship between Lowell Youth Sports Foundation and the West Michigan Sports Commission?
A: While the two organizations are not working together on this project, LYSF and WMSC have been in communication throughout the process. WMSC is supportive of "A Place to Play" and the benefits the tournaments will bring to the West Michigan area.

Q: Are you seeking public funding?
A: Right now we are having conversations at both state and federal levels in regards to next steps of funding requests.

Q: Who will use these fields?
A: Little League teams with participating youth from Lowell, Alto, Ada, Belding, Saranac, Greenville, and more will utilize the Lowell Youth Sports Complex. School teams, travel ball teams, and recreational adult teams will have the availability to reserve/rent fields.

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